Ty Peking Beanie Baby Sells for $795

An authenticated Ty Peking the panda Beanie Baby sold on eBay on January 5, 2014 for $795.  It was a buy-it-now auction that was originally priced at $895.  However, the seller accepted a lower offer. The Beanie had a mint 1st generation heart tag and a mint 1st generation tush tag. True Blue Beans had authenticated the Beanie Baby. The seller, known as jordanw1 on eBay, had a  98.2% feedback rating.

Peking the panda was issued on June 25, 1994 and retired on January 7, 1995. It was produced with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd heart tag. According to Checkerbee’s Summer 2000 Value Guide for Ty Beanie Babies, a Peking the Panda Beanie Baby with a mint 2nd generation heart tag is valued at $1,700. In 1997, Les & Sue Fox, authors of The Beanie Baby Handbook, estimated the value of Peking the Panda at $600 and predicted that it would be worth $3,000 in 2007.

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