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News About Ty Beanie Babies & More

News About Ty Beanie Babies & More

Authenticated Ty Beanie Baby Steg Sells for $310 on eBay

June 5, 2017

An authenticated Steg Ty Beanie Baby sold on eBay for $310 plus $7.20 shipping on May 28, 2017. The auction attracted 20 bids. The Beanie had a 3rd generation heart tag and a 1st generation tush tag. It was described by the authenticator, Becky’s True Blue Beans” as “Rare – German Tags! MWMT – MQ! Absolutely…

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Ty Billionaire 6 Beanie Baby Prototype Sells for $2,026

May 19, 2017

An authenticated Ty Billionaire 6 Beanie Baby Bear sold on eBay on May 2, 2017 for $2,026.00. The auction attracted 15 bids. Becky’s True Blue Beanies had authenticated the Bear as “Amazing and ULTRA RARE – Absolutely Stunning PROTOTYPE – Ty Billionaire Bear!” The Beanie had no emblem and did not have a Ty Heart…

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Authenticated #1 Ty Beanie Baby Bear Oddity Sells for $5,600

May 16, 2017

An authenticated  Ty Beanie Baby #1 Bear sold for $5,600 on Ebay on April 27, 2017. The Beanie was an oddity because it was missing its emblem.  The auction attracted 27 pids. The Beanie had been authenticated by Becky’s True Blue Beans and was rated “MWMT MQ! Absolutely Magnificent Beanie! Extremely Rare & Unique!” The heart…

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May 15, 2017

Hello Fellow Collectors! In celebration of our 18th year anniversary, we are excited to announce that we have launched a redesigned responsive website today for Visitors may now register to become an official member of SmartCollecting. Members receive a FREE digital copy of’s 2011 Price Guide for Ty Beanie Babies and may post comments on…

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Peggy Gallagher's Authentication Service

Authentication Available by Peggy Gallagher

May 15, 2017

SmartCollecting’s Counterfeit Expert and leading authenticator of Ty Products, Peggy Gallagher, is available to authenticate your Beanie Babies and other Ty Products.  Click here to download her authentication form.

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Countefeit #1 Ty Beanie Baby Spotted on Auction on eBay

August 27, 2016

A #1 Bear Beanie Baby with a heart tag that is not numbered has been spotted for sale on eBay. Buyers Beware! Counterfeit Beanie Babies are still out there! The #1 Bear was issued on December 12, 1998 to Ty Sales Reps and is considered one of the most valuable Beanie Baby of all times!…

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It’s No Contest: Ty Warner’s New Political Teeny Tys™ Win Americans’ Hearts by a Landslide

August 23, 2016

Limited edition elephant and donkey plush toys commemorate historic presidential election; offer Americans a chance to “cast their vote” With the 2016 presidential campaign heating up, Ty Warner, Founder and Chairman of Ty Inc., has created 2 limited-edition Teeny Tys, giving Americans the chance to “vote” for their favorite candidate. “Americans of all ages can…

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Ty Warner introduces Cecil™ the Lion Beanie Baby®.

August 4, 2016

Ty Warner, Founder and Chairman of Ty Inc, has created Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby in memory of the beloved lion tragically killed July 2, 2015. Ty has pledged 100% of profits from the original sale to WildCRU, the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit of University of Oxford in Oxford England. “Hopefully, this special Beanie Baby…

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Authenticated 1st Generation TY Chocolate Beanie Baby Sells for $304.99

August 2, 2016

An authenticated 1st generationTY beanie baby Chocolate the moose sold on eBay on August 1, 2016 f0r $304.99. The auction attracted 30 bids. The beanie had a mint 1st generation Korean heart tag and tush tag. It was rated museum quality by Becky of True Blue Beans who had authenticated the beanie.  Two years ago, this beanie baby sold…

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Ty Beanie Baby – Derby the Fine Mane Horse Sold for $399

July 20, 2016

An authenticated Ty Beanie Baby, Derby the Fine Mane horse, sold for $399 on eBay on July 16, 2016. The Beanie had a 3rd generation heart tag and a 1st generation black and white tush tag. It had been authenticated by Becky’s True Blue Beans and was described as “MWMT – Museum Quality – Absolutely…

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for Vintage Ty Beanie Babies

2 days ago

Happy #WorldKindnessDay friends! Beanie Boos are some of the kindest animals around, but they still might steal your nachos or jellybeans. Be kind, and share your nachos and jellybeans!

3 days ago


4 days ago

National Metal Day features our album "Nightlite in the Darkness" featuring our very own dragon band: Cinder (vocals and bass), Anora (lead guitar) and Saffire (drums).
Not pictured is Darla who's ... See more

5 days ago

Today is CATURDAY!!! Cleo is paying homage to her hero #KeyboardCat
She hopes that one day she'll be able to play keyboard as well as Fatso and Bento.

6 days ago
Photos from Ty's post

Did you know today is Go to an Art Museum Day? Since many of us can't actually do that, we're bringing the art museum to you!

1 month ago

Today is GLOBAL CAT DAY! Which is probably one of the very best days to begin with. We have so many different cats here that they won't all fit on the cat tree!
The obvious solution is to buy more ... See more

1 month ago

Today is National Mushroom Day!! Which is sort of weird...
So here is a photo with Series 3 Mini Boos and mushrooms!
What on Earth do Mini Boos have to do with mushrooms, you ask?
Probably nothing! ... See more

1 month ago

As Halloween draws closer, Trick and Treat the Teeny Tys become so much more mischievous. Thankfully, Potion is a cat and naturally mischievous. Let the games begin. 😈

1 month ago

Two little Mandys went outside to play.
there’s nothing much better than a crisp Fall day!

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