Ty Beanie Babies Official Club Collector’s Label Pins


Ty Beanie Babies Official Club Collector's Label Pins

On September 16, 2002, the first set of Beanie Babies Official Club pins were introduced. The set contains five pins: a Ty logo pin, a BBOC logo pin, a Clubby pin, a Patriot Pin with the flag on the left or right foot and a mystery pin.

Only members of the BBOC could order these pins until December 16, 2002 which cost $15.40 including shipping for one set or $25.75 for two sets.

The mystery pin is a pin that represents one of the nine Original Beanie Babies. These pins can be classifieds into three different designs: Simple, Decorated and Elaborate.

1. Simple - The pins of Chocolate and Cubbie/Brownie are just two colors plus gold and they do not have the Beanie's name on the pin.

Cubbie BBOC Pin Chocolate BBOC Pin

2. Decorated - The pins of Patti, Pinchers, Spot and Squealer all have the name of the Beanie Baby on them and the pins are two to four colors plus gold.

Patti BBOC PinPinchers BBOC Pin

Spot BBOC PinSquealer BBOC Pin

3. Elaborate - The pins for Flash, Legs and Splash have the Beanie Babies logo in addition to the name of the Beanie Baby on their pin. They range from four to six colors plus gold. The name on the Splash and Legs pins are the boldest and largest since they are outlined in gold and filled with a bright color.

Flash BBOC PinLegs BBOC PinSplash BBOC Pin

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