Rare Ty Cubbie Beanie Baby Sells for $1,400

An authenticated Cubbie the bear Ty Beanie Baby sold on Ebay on January 11, 2014 for $1,400. It was a buy-it-now auction that was originally priced at $3,699.99. The bear had a 1st generation Korean Tag and was described as MWMT Museum Quality. True Blue Beans had authenticated the Beanie Baby. The seller, known as collectibles-for-u on Ebay, has a 100% positive feedback rating, and noted, “Ty’s very first shipment of ‘Original 9’ Beanies to the UK had the regular 1st gen. hang tags but did not have the required ‘CE’mark on them (Conformity European). This mark appears on products that meet the safety standards required to enter the country. The quickest fix for Ty Inc. was to produce the Pre 1st gen. hang tag. But within a few days Ty Inc. had UK stickers made with the required ‘CE’ that would be placed on the original 1st gen. hang tag. No more then a few dozen Pre 1st gen. hang tags made their way on to the Original 9 beanies. Pre 1st Beanies only came with a 4 line Korean tush tag as well. Pre 1st Gen Beanies are extremely valuable and ultra, ultra rare!.”

Cubbie the bear was introduced on January 8 1994 and retired on December 31, 1997. It was produced with a first through fifth generation heart tag.

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