Beanie Kids


Beanie Kids

TBeanie Kid - Cookiey Introduced a new line of Beanies called Beanie Kids at the New York Toy Fair on February 13, 2000. Beanie Kids are approximately 10" long and have soft sculpted bodies. They have beautifully stitched ears, nose, mouth, belly button, fingers, and toes. When they were first introduced, four of the girls had velcro panties. Later, they were issued with elastic panties. There are 24 Beanie Kids with different skin tones, and hair coloring and style. Ty retired the line in 2002. Beanie Kids have a suggested retail price of $8-$9.

Ty Gear

Ty GearIn October 2000, Ty introduced Ty Gear, adorable outfits for the Beanie Kids. During the two years Beanie Kids were in production, Ty introduced 26 different outfits with a suggested retail prices of just $5-$6. In 2003 when all the Beanie Kids and TyGear outfits were retired, Ty added 3 colorful totes to the Ty Gear line.


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