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Collecting autographs of famous celebrities can be a great deal of fun. From signed Beanie Babies to autographed magazines, signature of celebrities can add excitement and interest in your collection. The signature of Ty Warner, the maker of Beanie Babies, is highly sought after. Collectors have paid hundreds to thousands of dollars for his signed "ty." He has autographed Beanie Babies and BBOC Cards to:

1. Help raise money for charities. In October of 2001, Ty signed the heart tag on an America Beanie Baby and listed it with Ebay's Auctions for America. The winning bidder paid $24,000 for this one-of-a-kind bear which went directly to the September 11th Fund.

2. Reward Ty employees and representatives. Ty has signed the heart tag of Beanie Babies that were given to Ty employees and respresentatives which include:

  • Given to Ty Reps:
    • 253 #1 bears in 1998 (Given to Ty Reps Only)
  • Given to Ty Employees:
    • Billionaire bear Beanie Babies in 1998 (Undisclosed number)
    • 475 Billionaire 2 Beanie Babies in 1999
    • 650 Billionaire 3 Beanie Babies in 2000
    • 762 Billionaire 4 Beanie Babiesin 2001
    • 769 Billionaire 5 Beanie Babies in 2002
    • 696 Billionaire 6 Beanie Babies in 2003
    • 612 Billionaire 7 Beanie Babies in 2004
    • 480 Billionaire 8 Beanie Babies in 2005
    • 480 Billionaire 9 Beanie Babies in 2006
    • 457 Billionaire 10 Beanie Babies in 2007
    • 469 Billionaire 11 Beanie Babies in 2008
    • 357 Billionaire 12 Beanie Babies in 2009
    • 611 Billionaire 13 Beanie Babies in 2010
    • 588¬†Billionare 15 Beanie Babies in 2011
    • 696 Billionare 15¬†Beanie Babies in 2012

3. Add interest and value to a prize package. In October of 2000, a lucky collector in Germany received a complete set of autographed Zodiac Beanie Babies after winning Ty's Olympic Challenge Contest on TyTrade.

4. Build excitement at retail. In 2001, some consumers discovered autographed Clubby IV bears in their BBOC kits while a select group of Ty credit card users were randomly selected and received a signed MasterCard Beanie in the mail!

Beanie Card - Autographed Liberty

Ty Warner has also signed one of every card in the four different series of the Beanie Babies Official Club Collector's Cards. The highest price paid for the signature of Ty Warner was on a gold #1 Bear Collector's Card from the U.S. edition of Series 2. The collector from Massachusetts paid $13,900 for this card in 1999.

Coral Casino Beanie Baby5. To reward Members of his Hotel Properties. The Coral Casino Beanie Baby was presented as a gift on December 9, 2001 at an open house reception dinner for members only of The Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club located at The Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel! Only 588 had been autographed and number by Ty Warner. The first Coral Casino bear on auction sold for $4,250!

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