Ty Beanie Babies Official Club Collector’s Cards

1998 TO 1999

Ty Beanie Babies Official Club Collector's Cards

Beanie Card - Autographed LibertyBeginning in November of 1998, Cyrk, the company who owned the license to produce products for the Beanie Babies Official Club, introduced a series of Trading Cards which retailed for $2/pack or $48/box.

What made the cards so exciting was Ty Warner, the sole owner of Ty Inc. makers of Beanie Babies, autographed one of every card in each series. Each autographed card bears his signature made with a gold paint pen and is numbered 1/1. In Series 4, the last set of cards issued in 1999, Ty Warner also signed one of every Limited edition "The End" bear card of which there were only 400 produced.

The first Series of cards, Series I, were issued to both the U.S. and Canada markets. When Series II came out, separate editions were produced for Canada and the U.K. markets as well as the U.S. markets. The cards issued in Canada are marked by a red maple leaf on the front of the card and the cards issued in the U.K. are marked by the letters "EU" on the front of each card. The following series, Series 3 and 4, were only issued to the U.S.


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