Ty Beanie Buddies


Ty Beanie Buddies

To capitalize on the popularity of Beanie Babies, Ty introduced a new line of plush toys called, Beanie Buddies, on September 30, 1998. The original 9 Beanie Buddies are: Beak, Humphrey, Jake, Peanut (Royal Blue), Quackers, Rover, Stretch, Teddy (Cranberry), Twigs, and Peanut.

Most of the styles are larger versions of a Beanie Baby creation but are made with an incredibly soft material called Tylon® or a Terry Cloth type material. Tangerine, is the only Beanie Buddy produced in both of these fabric types.

Beanie Buddies have a suggested retail price of $10-$11 (regular), $30-$32 (large), $50-$55 (Extra Large) and $100-$105 (Jumbo).


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