Ty Beanie Babies Official Club Collector’s Cards – Series 2

1999 - SPRING

Ty Beanie Babies Official Club Collector's Cards - Series Two

Series II Cards were sold out to dealers before many stores even received their first shipments. Retail stores in the East began to receive their shipment of Series II Ty Collector's Cards on March 11, 1999. The Golden Pineapple in Henniker, NH, was one of the first stores to receive their shipment. "Card collectors flew into the store to buy boxes and cases of Ty Collector's Cards," explains Wendy Hayden, assistant to the owners of the Golden Pineapple. "We have an email list of customers that we notify when we receive a shipment. In less than one hour, we were completely sold out!"

Retailers were only receiving partial shipments of their orders. Sunrise Express in Fairfield, Connecticut received one case of the 50 cases they had ordered. Other dealers throughout the country reported receiving one to three cases despite the number of cases they had ordered.

There are 151 cards in Series II. There are 12 Rare Bear Cards, 15 Retired Cards, 24 Birthday/Rookie Cards and 100 Common Cards. One pack of cards contains 8 cards, 1 Trivia Game Card and a Checklist. Though the suggested Retail Price is $1.99 per pack, secondary market dealers were selling these for $5 per pack.

How to tell the color of your card
There are four color variations for Birthday/Rookie, Retired Cards and Rare Bear Cards. The color variations are blue, green, silver and gold with blue being the most common. On Rare Bear cards the color is determined by the word "the bear." On Retired cards the color is determined by the oval insignia. On Birthday/Rookie cards, the color is determined by the name of the Beanie Baby. All of the chase cards have a portrait orientation (tall and skinny) and the Common Cards have a landscape orientation (short and fat.)

Autographed CardAutographed Cards
There are 304 autographed cards in Series II. All autographed cards are numbered 1/1 and are signed "ty" with a gold paint pen. There is also a small clear TY heart embossed on top or near the signature.

12 Rare Bear Cards
Rare Bear CardStaring such notable Beanies as the # Ty Sales Rep Bear, the Billionaire Bear and Princess, the Rare Bear Cards are a true holographic card and bear a limited edition numbering. The odds of finding a Rare Bear Card or Autographed Card are 1 in 50 packs of cards which is much better than the odds of finding an Original 9 or Autographed card in Series One. Odds of finding these cards were 1 in 117. However, in Series 2 there will be 12 Rare Bare cards to collect as opposed to nine Original 9 cards in Series 1. "I couldn't believe I found a Rare Bear card in my first box of cards, " states Carla McDonnell an excited card collector from Maryland. "The Peace card is truly magnificent."

Retired Card15 Retired Cards
There are 15 Retired Cards in Series II featuring such rare beanies as Rex the tyrannosaurus and more recently retired beanies such as Ally the Alligator. The word "RETIRED" is imprinted in a small shiny oval embossed on the bottom left hand side of the card.

Birthday/Rookie Card24 Birthday/Rookie Cards
There are 24 Birthday/Rookie Cards in Series Two featuring special rookie beanies as Halo the angel bear and Pumkin' the pumpkin. Imprinted on the card are the words, "Happy Birthday," in gold letters on a long, thin blue oval. In the middle of this oval is a red circle with the birthday of the Beanie Baby imprinted in gold letters.

100 Common Cards
Common CardThere are 100 Common Cards in Series II featuring all of the new 1999 Beanies such as Millennium, Goochy and Kicks. On the back of the card is a number in a star. Series I cards were numbered 1 to 149. Series II cards are numbered 150 to 288. However, Scat the cat has a Series I number of 125. It is believed that Scat should have been numbered 217 since this would have been the logical choice based on ABC order. Millennium and Mel share the same number of 196.

Trivia Game Cards
Trivia Game CardInside every pack of cards, is a Scratch-Off Trivia Game Card that could prove to be a lot of fun for Beanie Fans. There are five questions and answers on each card, which must be scratched off to reveal what they are. By collecting these cards, a game similar to Trivial Pursuit could be played with up to two players with the category being of course, "Beanie Babies."

In each sealed box of cards, there is a foldout poster which displays Series I Cards on one side and Series II Cards on the other.

BBOC Merchandise
In May 1999, Retailers began to receive the new Platinum Membership Kits, a 16-month year 2000 Millennium Calendar, Collector's Card Book, Collector's Cards Storage Case, a Collector's Card Single Card Holder, and a new Beanie Baby Display Case.

What makes the membership kit so special is that INSIDE the kit is a Clubby II, a club exclusive Beanie Baby, collector's cards, an collectable coin of one of the Original Nine Beanies, games and special offers. The retail price is $20.00. The Calendar retailed for $10. The Collector's Card Book is only about Series I and Series II cards and retailed for $5. The storage box for storing large amounts of cards retails for $10 and the Single Card holder was sold in boxes of 25 for $4/box. The new interlocking acrylic display box for Beanie Babies with the Ty logo retails for $5.


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