Baby Beanies


Ty Baby Beanies

Baby Beanies TagTy's line of small-sized Beanie Babies, called Baby Beanies, are designed to be used as holiday ornaments and/or gift tags. The line was previously called, Jingle Beanies.

Ty Baby Beanies retail for $2.99/each.

2009 - Ty introduces the line with Tinsel the mouse, Alpine the bear, Stripes the dog,Snowcap the snowman, Divine the angel bear, and Yummy the gingerbread man.

2009 Baby Beanies

In addition, Ty adds four "Baby Beanies" to the line: Goodies the hamster, Sleds the dog, Twingling the cat, Windchill the bear and Freezer the reindeer.

2010 Baby Beanies


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