Ultra Rare ‘PROTO Cream Towel Fabric Maple’ Ty Beanie Baby Sells for $750 on eBay

On June 13, 2023, a highly unique and incredibly rare 'PROTO Cream Towel Fabric Maple' Ty Beanie Baby sold for a staggering $750 on eBay. This sale highlights not only the enduring popularity and collectability of Ty Beanie Babies, but also the premium placed on rare prototypes in pristine condition. The Beanie Baby was sold by the eBay user 'estatecollectibleseller', who holds a flawless feedback rating of 100%.

The 'PROTO Cream Towel Fabric Maple' is not just any Beanie Baby. It's a prototype, making it an incredibly rare find in the Beanie Baby collecting world. Even more striking is its unique cream towel fabric, a highly unusual material for a Beanie Baby, which considerably adds to its rarity and appeal among collectors. Topped with a stunning red ribbon, this Beanie Baby is a one-of-a-kind collectable.

Adding to its desirability, this ultra-rare Beanie Baby was authenticated as 'MWMT-MQ' (Mint With Mint Tags - Museum Quality) by Becky's True Blue Beans, a trusted authority in the Beanie Baby market. Their certification underscores the authenticity and exceptional quality of the item, instilling confidence in potential buyers and enhancing its overall value.

The sale of this 'PROTO Cream Towel Fabric Maple' Beanie Baby is a testament to the vibrant market for rare Beanie Babies and the lengths collectors are willing to go to acquire these cherished pieces. As Beanie Baby mania shows no signs of slowing down, we can expect more exciting auctions like this one, fueling the excitement and anticipation in the world of Beanie Baby collectors.