Ty Beanie Baby Camel “Humphrey” Fetches $1,775 on eBay

In an event that has ruffled the feathers of Beanie Baby enthusiasts across the globe, a 1st Generation Humphrey the Camel Ty Beanie Baby was sold for a remarkable $1,775 on May 6, 2023. The transaction, which took place on the popular online marketplace eBay, was orchestrated by the highly reputable seller, Top-Drawer-Collectibles. The rare Beanie Baby camel, christened "Humphrey," was authenticated and certified as Museum Quality (MWMT) by Becky's True Blue Beans.

Humphrey stands out not only due to its 1st Gen Swing Tag and 1st Gen Tush Tag, a rare pairing, which marks it as an original piece from the early days of Beanie Baby production but also because of its impeccable condition. Humphrey hit the market before the Beanie Baby craze exploded, which makes finding any 1st Gen Beanie Baby, let alone one in museum-quality condition, an exceptionally rare occurrence.

The sale of Humphrey the Camel Beanie Baby underscores the enduring popularity and high collector's value of these unique pieces of toy history. Collectors and enthusiasts will undoubtedly be on the lookout for more treasures like Humphrey, with the hope of adding such a distinctive piece to their collection.