Authenticated Ty Beanie Baby – BILLIONAIRE Bear #3 Sells for $811.89 on eBay

Authenticated TY Beanie Baby - BILLIONAIRE Bear #3 (Signed by TY Warner #35/650)In an exciting event on May 30, 2023, a rare and coveted Beanie Baby, the BILLIONAIRE Bear #3, changed hands for the price of $811.89. This special edition Beanie Baby was sold on the popular online marketplace, eBay, by the reputable toy and collectibles dealer, which boasts an impressive 99.7% positive rating on the platform.

This Beanie Baby is not just any ordinary toy - it carries with it a rich history and exclusivity that sets it apart from other collectibles. The BILLIONAIRE Bear #3 was never made available for retail purchase. Instead, it was given exclusively to Ty representatives and employees, further adding to its rarity and desirability amongst collectors.

What makes this Beanie Baby particularly unique is its hand-signed hang tag by none other than Ty Warner, the founder of Ty Inc. Not only is the tag hand-signed, but it is also individually numbered out of a total of 650, making this toy an incredibly exclusive piece. This particular BILLIONAIRE Bear #3 that was sold is #35 in the limited series.

Adding to its authenticity and value, the Beanie Baby is Certified Authentic by PBBAGS, an esteemed authority in Beanie Baby appraisal and authentication. The certificate of authenticity is sealed on the plastic box that houses the Beanie Baby, providing reassurance for collectors about the toy's pedigree and the investment's validity.

The sale of this authenticated Beanie Baby underscores the enduring popularity and collector's value of Ty Beanie Babies, especially for rare and exclusive models like the BILLIONAIRE Bear #3. Collectors and enthusiasts around the globe continue to seek out these unique pieces, ready to pay premium prices for the opportunity to own a piece of toy history. It's certain that the Beanie Baby mania isn't going anywhere anytime soon, promising even more exciting auctions in the future.