Value of a prestigious, rare Ty Beanie Baby drops 84%

Nearly a decade later, the value of a prestigious, rare Ty Beanie Baby drops 84%. At an open house reception dinner on December 9, 2001, Ty Warner gave out 588 Coral Casino Beanie Babies to members of the Coral Casio Beach and Cabana Club located at The Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel in Montecito, California. Each of these bears were numbered and autographed on the inside of the tag. Within five weeks, one of these bears made its way to eBay where it sold for $4,250 on January 16, 2002. Seven years later, on February 6, 2009, an authenticated Coral Casino Beanie Baby sold for $1,657! At the beginning of 2011, a Coral Casino Beanie Baby, numbered 266, sold for $1,005. And now as we near the close of this year, this limited edition bear sold for just $695 on November 25, 2011.  This decline in value is due to the diminishing interest in collecting Ty Beanie Babies and the proliferication of other signed and numbered Beanie Babies, such as the Billionaire Bears, introduced annually over the last decade.

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