First Generation Ty Beanie Babies Selling on eBay

1st Generation Swing Heart Tag for Ty Beanie BabiesThirteen first generation Ty Beanie Babies (with swing tags) recently sold on eBay from $175 to $795. Ty Beanie Babies with a first generation swing tag were only produced for a few months, from Early '94 to Mid '94.  This was before anyone knew they would become a valued collectible.  They were given to children who played with them and their hang tag was often removed and discarded. As a result, first generation Beanie Babies with their swing tag are very hard to find.

There are only 37 Ty Beanie Babies made with a 1st Generation Hang Tag. It is easy to identify a 1st generation hang tag because it is a single ply double-sided design and does not open like a book. All Beanie Babies that have a 1st generation hang tag also have a 1st generation black and white tush tag. Ty Beanie Babies, Brownie, Punchers, Patti (deep fuchsia) were only produced with a 1st generation heart tag.

Here is the list of recent sales on eBay:

  • Old face Cranberry Teddy sold for $595.95
  • Splash sold for $295
  • Peking sold for $249
  • Goldie sold for $200
  • Happy sold for $200
  • Speedy sold for $200
  • Raspberry Patti sold for $500
  • Pinchers sold for $349
  • Punchers sold for $299
  • Old face Violet sold for $175
  • Old face Magenta Teddy sold for $175
  • Old face Brown Teddy sold for $175
  • Old face Teal Teddy sold for $175




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