Brownie Beanie Baby Sells for $295!

An authenticated first generation Brownie Beanie Baby sold today on EBay for $295. True Blue Beanies had authenticated the beanie. The Certificate of Authenticity stated: ” *Rare* -Korea 4 Line Tush. Absolutely MAGNIFICENT and ULTRA Rare Beanie!” While the Beanie appeared to be mint, the 1st generation heart tag was creased and scratched. It is important to remind collectors that Brownie was only produced with a first generation heart tag, which is single fold and does not open like a book. Brownie is one of the most highly counterfeited Beanie Babies out there. We frequently see auctions on EBay for Brownie Beanie Babies with a second generation heart tag (opens like a book) which would indicated that the Beanie is not authentic.

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