1997 Employee Beanie Baby Sells for $2,000 on EBay!

An authenticated 1997 Employee Beanie Baby bear sold on EBay on December 6, 2010 for $2,000. The violet colored Beanie had a green ribbon around its neck and was authenticated by Peggy Gallager. The Beanie was rated Mint – Museum Quality. The Employee Bear Beanie Baby was the only Beanie produced without a hang tag! But they do sport a 1993 or 1995 red and white 2nd generation tush tag. They were given to Ty employees and Reps on September 13, 1997 at the Second Annual Appreciation Night. There was a total of 300 of these bears produced – 150 have a red ribbon and the other 150 have a green ribbon around their necks. In November, we saw an auction on Ebay for a set of 1997 Employee Beanie Babies that included the green and red ribbon versions. The seller was asking $25,000 for this set. Since they did not sell, the auction was reposted at a price of $12,500. However, the auction closed without receiving any bids. Sellers need to understand that the value of rare Ty Beanie Babies have dropped dramatically.

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