Peace Beanie Baby Signed by Michael Jackson Sold for $403.79 on EBay.

A 5th generation Peace Ty Beanie Baby signed by Michael Jackson sold for$403.79 on December 29, 2010 on Ebay. The U.K. seller provided these details in the auction. “The bear was signed by Michael Jackson on March 6th 2001 outside the Oxford Union, Frewin Court, Oxford, England. The item comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity from the original collector, a renowned authenticator and collector. The COA comes with a holographic tamper-proof label, which has a serial number unique to this item only. The item comes with a photograph the collector took during Michael Jackson’s speech on his initiative “Heal the Kids.” Photographs weren’t really allowed in the theatre and this photograph was sneakily taken with a camera phone. The bear comes in a clear Plexiglas display box, which has a few scratches on, but a replacement can easily be found! The bear is in fantastic condition; almost mint with original tags and protectors still intact! No damage or signs of age; colours are as bright and vibrant as the day it was born!”

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