Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant Sells for $625

An authenticated Ty Peanut the Royal Blue elephant Beanie Baby sold on June 26, 2016 for $625 on eBay. The Beanie had a 3rd generation heart tag and a 1st generation tush tag. The Beanie had been authenticated by Becky’s True Blue Beans and described as MWMT – MQ.

Peanut the elephant was issued on June 3, 1995 and retired on May 1, 1998. However, the royal blue version was only produced from June 3, 1995 to October 1995. Peanut the royal blue elephant was only produced with a 3rd generation heart tag. It is believed that only 2,000 of the royal blue version were produced making it one of the rarest Beanie Babies ever made.

According to Checkerbee’s Summer 2000 Value Guide for Ty Beanie Babies, a third generation Peanut the royal blue elephant with mint tags is valued at $4,400. In 1997, Les and Sue Fox, authors of The Beanie Baby Handbook, estimated the value of Peanut the royal blue version at $1,500 and predicted that it could be worth $5,000+.

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