Authenticated Ty #1 Bear Beanie Baby Sells for $2,499.99

An authenticated Ty #1 Bear Beanie Baby sold on eBay for $2,499.99 on December 25, 2012.  Becky's True Blue Beans had authenticated the Beanie and described it as, "MWMT- MQ.  Absolutely Magnificent &Ultra Rare Beanie!"  The heart tag was signed by Ty Warner and was numbered 158 out of 253.

The price this Beanie sold for was a big jump from a November 2012 eBay sale when a similar Beanie numbered #108 sold for $1,326.01.

The #1 Bear was issued on December 12, 1998 to Ty Sales Reps and is considered one of the most valuable Beanie Baby of all times! 

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