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News About Ty Beanie Babies & More

Ty Announces January Introductions

January 1, 2009

Ty introduced 3 new Beanie Babies 2.0, 7 new Beanie Babies, 1 new Ty Classic , 4 new Basket Beanies and 1 Pluffies. Click here to view styles.

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for Vintage Ty Beanie Babies

2 years ago

Rebecca Lowe shared this beautiful collection with us, and we like to think they're all watching a good movie...perhaps the Rodneys are getting ideas watching Muppets Take Manhattan!

2 years ago
Beanie Boos Celebrate Crayon Day

Today is National Crayon Day so we decided to play word association... or Six Degrees of Crayons: We went from CRAYONS to RAINBOWS to UNICORNS to NARWHALS to...

2 years ago

Dazzle is ready for festival season and Asha wants to hear all about it ?

2 years ago

The Doctor is in! What can Dr. Slush help you with today? Advice is only 5 cents.⠀
#NationalDoctorsDay #Dogtor

2 years ago

Our satellites indicated a herd of wild Rodneys closing in on this cabin's location. Fortunately, the owner of this cabin had sublet the property to a nacho chef. ⠀
Based on our assessment of the ... See more

2 years ago

Pixy decided it was a lovely day to hang out in the park. Now we're jealous and want to go to the park too..especially a park with swings!!

2 years ago

Apparently it's #NationalLittleRedWagonDay...we're seriously not making that up. So in honor of the very specific and rather odd day, here is a dragon in a wagon! ? And yes, we're very easily amused ?

2 years ago
Beanie Boo Gilda Goes for the Handbag Jackpot!

Gilda has her eye on a new prize but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. #beanieboos #tyfashion #flamingos #ty Shop Now:

2 years ago

Spinach...How do we feel about it? #NationalSpinachDay

2 years ago

If you put 4 Kikis together and say all their names, you'll sound like you're giggling.
Kikikikikikikiki ?
and for #MondayPunday, guess what a cat's favorite color is!
Purrrrrple of course.

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